Photosensitive Chinaware

Photosensitive Chinaware

Product Description

Photosensitive Chinaware

1. Product Principium: Adopting the special technics, spreading a flat of rigid nano titanium dioxide membrane on the surface of chinaware. Making full use of super hydrophile and light- catalyse activation of nano titanium dioxide, whose paiticle size is below 10nm in order to make the basic material possess the special function.

2. Appearance: Transparent, achromatism; Under the condition of ray irradiation, will find the soft multicolor diffraction membrane.

3. Function:
A) Air-cleaning: Degradating and eliminating the organic contamination and some inorganic contamination in the air
B) Self-cleaning: Nanmetered titanium dioxide have the capability of super hydrophile, and it also can prevent the adsorption of lampblack&dust, etc, besides, it has the same efficacy on the leaf mold, watermark the yellow alkali in the toilet, rust and fading
C) Clean-water: Purify the water pollution and the organic injurant in the water
D) Increasing the concentration of minus oxygen hydronium: Nanometered titanium dioxide can produce the minus oxygen hydronium under the sunshine as if the effect is produced by thunder strom to make the air much fresher.

4. Using Range: Be suitable for ceramic tile inside and outside wall, floor tile, curtain, decoretion, arts and crafts, cleaner in the house, etc.

5. Technic Index:

Nano titanium dioxide's average particle size
Nano titanium dioxide

Crystal form
Membrane Thickness
Using Method

Self-cleaning material
5.5 nm
Innocuity, according with the national standard

6. The Graph of Secondary Particle Size(Nano-titanium dioxide):

7. Attentions: Avoid friction seriously during transportation and storing to prevent scratching the membrane.

8. Package Specification: According to customers' requirements.

9. Period of Validity: 20 years

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